Hitman 5: Absolution Release Date To Be Announced At E3

A new Hitman game has been announced. Hitman 5: Absolution will be the name of the new Hitman game. A release date is currently set for 2012. Watch the teaser trailer and get a first glimpse at the upcoming Hitman game after the break.

Hitman 5 Release Date

Hitman 5 Absolution Trailer

A first teaser trailer hass been released as well. Let’s check it out.

The teaser is really short, but shows us the classic barcode and a snake, one of the recurring elements in Hitman games.

Hitman Franchise: Games, Novels, Movies

If you have never heard of Hitman, it’s basically a game about a cloned contract killer called 47 (yes, you guessed rights there are many clones). Back in 2000 it was one of the best tactical stealth games. Yep, the original Hitman required a lot of strategy and was more about being the silent killer than the loud Rambo firing firing with shotguns. The franchise also expanded and has a film adaptions and a novel called Hitman: Enemy Within.

Advanced Motion Capturing And Hollywood Actors

Hitman 5 Hollywood Actors Motion Tracking

Now back to Hitman 5. Hitman 5 developers use some pretty advanced technology to create a really realistic game. The same technology that was used for motion-capturing in James Cameron’s Avater, is used to make Hitman 5 a completely new gaming and entertainment experience. Square Enix even hired some Hollywood actors for 47’s ultra-realistic performance on the screen. Looks like the story will play a major role in the upcoming Hitman 5.

Hitman 5 Release Date: Scheduled For 2012

IO Interactive, who are developing the game, have not announced an official release date for Hitman 5. However, we know that the release date is set for 2012. We’ll keep you posted when there are any new release date infos, we’ll hopefuly find out more about the release date at the E3 this year in June.

Hitman 5 Wallpapers + Windows 7 Theme

If you would like to download some Hitman 5 Wallpapers and themes, you can do that here:

Hitman 5 Wallpaper

Download Hitman 5 Wallpapers (HD)

Published: Friday, May 13th, 2011 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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