Highlights Of Windows 10 Get Debuted

With the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft showed both consumer and business users the future of Windows. There are a number of overhauled experiences for users of all users to grasp, but the overall focus of Windows is that it is one operating system for all devices, and one that will replace Windows 8.1 from the memories of enterprise consumes everwhere.

There is definitely no one way to explain the Windows 10 presentation to anyone. It was a series of new experiences that brings back the classic feel of Windows along with a number of tiled experiences, that all users will find comfortable.

Microsoft Shows Off Start Menu For Windows 10

Starts Menu And Windowed Apps

With Windows 10, the first thing that users will see is the return of the Start Menu. It has come back to the happiness and amazement of Windows users everywhere, and brings a new customizable space for favorite apps and tiles. It’s simply more than just the Start Menu, but a new way to launch apps.

Another thing users will notice is that apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format at desktop apps do. This will bring familiarity to apps from all sources, and users can resize these apps and move them around. It will no longer be two types of apps, and users can move them around, adjust them, and put them along the size of other apps on their desktops.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Shows Off Snap App Improvements

Snap Enhancements & Other Improvements

Users who love to snap apps on their screens will find Windows 10 new snap features exciting. Users will now be able to have four apps snapped on the same screen, and have a quadrant type layout. Windows will also show off other apps and programs for additional snapping, and make the Snapping experience a thing in Windows 10.

There are also other improvements in Windows 10. These include new task view buttons on the taskbar, and this allows users to switch between apps and opening files. Uses can also create multiple desktops and create desktops for multiple purposes for their use. Finally, users will have a new file explorer to find files faster, and this is something that Windows has needed since the days of Windows XP.

Windows 10 looks very slick and awesome. I’ll be trying the technical preview out, and seeing how it works soon.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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