Hide.me VPN Arrives For Windows 10 Users

The use of VPN’s is either something that people use regularly, do to hide their IP locations from websites, or do so for security purposes. No matter the use, different ones exists, and Hide.me VPN is the latest on Windows 10.

The Hide.me VPN app is available on the Windows Store, and made by eVentures Ltd. It is certainly not the first VPN app on the Windows Store, but has been revamped for Windows 10 users to try out.

Hide.me VPN Service Arrives For Windows 10 Users

Hide.me VPN

With the Hide.me VPN app, users are getting one of the largest and biggest VPN services out there. They offer users a combination of free or premium VPN services available for users.

With the free trial features, users are able to use it right off the bat, without a credit card or subscription. It features 3 different locations, in Singapore, Netherlands, and finally in Canada.

Users Get Excellent VPN App With Hide.me VPN On Windows 10

Auto Connect & Fully Featured

With Hide.me VPN, it has auto-connect features with servers, so users always stay connected. It also has the auto-reconnect option available, so you don’t lose the servers, or the content connection you are establishing.

It is supported in 15 different languages on its initial launch, and gives users a 500MB option for 2 weeks with the free option. It can be renewed when needed, and gives users enough time to try it out.

Hide.me VPN is free on the Windows Store. If you need a VPN service, it might be for you.


Published: Friday, July 21st, 2017 Last Modified: July 21, 2017

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