Here’s What Sony Will Possibly Unveil at E3 2012

Sony could be the dark horse to come out on top at E3 this year.

Sony is staying very quiet ahead of this year’s E3, but they could show off anticipated titles at the event

For once, Nintendo seems to be the focus of E3 as the re-reveal of the Wii U – and its price and launch lineup – is revealed. But what of Sony, the company that revitalised the PlayStation 3 which lagged behind competitors in price and video games ?

#1: The Last of US

The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s chance to revitalise the zombie survival horror genre, something I didn’t see coming (though am definitely for). Snippets of gameplay footage have been shown, which mainly showed off the two protagonists – Ellie and Joel – as they try to survive. We don’t know the backstory of the zombie outbreak, or even how Joel and Ellie met, but E3 should provide more info.

#2: Sony All-Stars Battle Royal

Sony has produced a rival to the Super Smash Bros. series, something no one has dared to do since it’s debut on the Nintendo 64. Sony’s version doesn’t differ to Nintendo’s, offering a range of stages thematically inspired by the representing characters. The attraction isn’t the formula per se, but the characters: using karate as Parappa the Rappa is a dream of mine. A dream.

What we should see, but are not certain

#3: The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian conjured emotion like never before, portraying a relationship between a boy and a huge cat creature called Trico. Whether it was the gorgeous engine, or the contrast in size, The Last Guardian is my most anticipated game from Sony. That’s if it’s in development.

#4: PlayStation ‘Orbis’

Yes, the next-gen PlayStation console. Industry analyst Michael Pachter said the Orbis will launch before the Durango, Microsoft’s reported codename for its next-gen console, so don’t rule out a tease at the end of the conference.

If you didn’t know Sony’s conference takes places Monday, June 4 at 6PM PDT and will last between a 60 or 120 minutes. It takes place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, and Sony’s E3 hub can be found in the links.

Not all of these are definites, but the most probable. If you believe rumors, The Last Guardian doesn’t exist.

Published: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 Last Modified: May 29, 2012

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