Here Are The Reasons Why Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Block Used Games

Gamestop Used Games Wont Be Blocked On Next Gen.gif It’s unlikely the next generation of consoles will push used games away. Anti-used-games policies are not very likely.

Used games are still a viable option for retailers and consumers, so they aren’t going anywhere soon

Among all the next-gen rumours, one of the most notable has been that there will be no support for used games. The PlayStation 4 “Orbis” will apparently offer a demo version of the full game if a used copy is bought, because titles will require an online PSN account when activating, while the next-gen Xbox is reportedly not support them. This seems a little far-fetched for a few reason, and here’s why.

The biggest is because the policy would cause anger among fans. The fact is, video games are pretty expensive products when bought at retail. They cost around $50 or $60, so consumers are going to buy used games to get a better deal. While Online Passes sort of negate the value of used games, they can bought online through eBay sellers. They’re not impossible to find, which is different to blocking used games entirely.

As mentioned in previous reports, another reason is because of the great relationships between retailers and console manufacturers. We’ve previously reported on how GameStop said they didn’t think there would be a block on used games, and used games are a big part of the sales.

Used Games Sales: $2.6 Billion Or 27% Of All Sales

GamesIndustry report that used game sales made up $2.6 billion, which is more than 27 percent of total sales. Despite reports that GameStop wouldn’t sell consoles if used games were blocked, they won’t do that: it would cause a backlash with shareholders and consoles make up 16.9 percent of total sales. Less than used games, but still a large portion.

Also, with Online Passes, users still have to buy them. And often it’s cheaper to buy a used game and then the online pass, rather than the game at retail. For example, I bought the Battlefield 3 Online Pass and then got the game for cheaper than a the retail price. So for savvy consumers, buying used games is a way of saving money despite the required passes.
Microsoft and Sony also don’t want to open the door for Nintendo. Blocking used games would give Nintendo an easy opportunity to say ‘we don’t block used games.’

Published: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 Last Modified: June 29, 2014

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