Heavenly Sword 2 In Development

New rumors are circulating around the gaming forums online that a new Heavenly Sword game will soon be coming that is set to occur ten years after the first role playing game took players on travel through mission after mission.

Heavenly Sword 2

The sandbox title is said to be an open-world title that will allow for interactive play with other gamers and the chance to earn the heavily sought after sword by learning the different martial arts and mastering many disciplines.

Interactive play in depth

The missions are said to be focused more on developing the character throughout the wide world that is actually made up of several smaller worlds in itself each with the opportunity to learn a new type of martial art that will lead to the sword eventually. It is suggested according to PlayGamer that play will being with simple hand-to-hand combat before it goes on farther into physical combat and learning how to use weapons appropriately so that in the end when you earn the heavenly sword it will deserved and you will be properly equipped.

Past rumors

This is not the first time that rumors have started up about a Heavenly Sword 2 as 2008 also brought news about a potential sequel for the early role playing game, however at that time the making of a sequel was said to be canned by Sony Cambridge and Ninja Theory which means that excited gamers may want to wait a bit before they get too excited about these rumors. Yet, there has been some testing that is supposed to be taking place to decide if the game is going to go into development.

Positive testing rumors

Some lucky focus group members have been reporting that Ninja Theory is busy testing different portions of the new Heavenly Sword 2 in an effort to see what modern gamers actually want. One unknown participant in the trial reported that there have been different surveys conducted in Chicago about several new games including questions about why Heavenly Sword did not sell as well as its other market competitors and what could be done differently. The group was also asked what they thought about the gaming experience and what they thought of the combat scenes which means that things may be looking up for a potential sequel.

Release Date: unknown
Trailer: N/A

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: May 15, 2011

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