Have Google Hangouts With GMessenger On Windows 10

I have to admit that I use Google Hangouts a lot, when I talk with friends an d family, and the Windows 10 app is nice, but it’s not a built-in app. While Google hasn’t officially released a Hangouts app, GMessenger has launched, and is an alternative.

GMessenger is a free app that is available for Windows 10 Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, and even Windows 10 Mobile devices. It’s made by DCT, and while it’s not an official Google Hangouts app, it gives you all the benefits of Hangouts with GMessenger.

GMessenger Gives You Google Hangouts On Windows 10

GMessenger Features

With GMessneger, you get the ability to send and receive Hangouts messages, and thats the mail goal of the app. It gives you full synchronization with chats from service and other Hangouts apps, and also supports multiple accounts, if you have multiple ones.

You can favorite your contacts, sync contacts with the app ‘people’, and search for contacts by phone number. Group chats are easy as well, as you can create and edit them, and share a link to the group chat easy. It gives you a lot of features in a single app.

Control Google Hangouts With GMessenger On Windows 10

Image & Message Support

GMessenger has full image support, and lets you sned photos, images, emoticons, stickets, and graffiti. You can save images when viewing them, share them from the page that they are displayed on, and share the content within other Windows 10 apps too.

GMessenger of course gives you full messaging support too, as you can send messages easily, see unsent messages if they don’t go, and lets you send offline messages. It supports Windows Hello, has Live Tiles, and background notifications.

If you use Google Hangouts a lot, download GMessenger. It’s well worth it, and free to use.


Published: Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 Last Modified: December 6, 2016

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