Has The Xbox One Manual Been Leaked?

A reported leak of the Portuguese version of the quick installation guide for Microsoft’s Xbox One reveals some specific details about the consoles features.

Manual Leak Reveals Specific Xbox One Information

Prospective buyers of Xbox One consoles might be most interested in some of the Kinect details that have been unveiled.

The manual has revealed data about the Kinects viewing angles – something that Microsoft has previously been quiet

microsoft xbox one console leak

The leaked document reveals that the Kinect has a required minimum distance between players of 1.4 meters. This figure is considerably lower than the previous Kinect which has a minimum viewing angle of 1.8 meters.

Figures Reveal Kinect More Suitable For Smaller Rooms

The reduced viewing angle means that Xbox One users with smaller rooms will still be able to utilize the Kinect and all its features.

There is little else of interest to be found on the guide. There is a warning that about standing the console upright along with basic connection instructions and the contents of the actual box itself are revealed.

Xbox One Kinect

This includes the Xbox One , Kinect , two headset, two AA batteries, a manual a controller, HDMI cable and of course a power cable.

Xbox One To Support Max Of 8 People in Party Chat

Meanwhile Microsoft have also confirmed that Xbox One Party Chat will support up to eight players at launch.The news has been released in response to the announcement that Sony will be supporting up to 8 players on their interface also.


“At launch, up to eight people will be able to join a Party Chat at a time on Xbox One,” a Microsoft spokesperson has been quoted.

The Xbox One is set for a global launch on November 22.

Published: Friday, October 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 25, 2013

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