Hardest Platform Ever, Cloudberry Kingdom, Releasing on Wii U and Steam

Cloudberry Kingdom Difficult
Super Meat Boy rival is coming to two more platforms in 2012.

If hard is your idea of fun, then get this: Cloudberry Kingdom is coming to the Wii U and Steam

If ever you were in doubt that the Wii U wasn’t a console for the hardcore gamers, don’t be: Cloudberry Kingdom – possibly the most insane platformer I have ever seen – is releasing on Nintendo’s upcoming console and Steam. The release windows are December and September, respectively.

Completed Super Meat Boy? Well done – so did I. Got 100% on Super Meat Boy? I didn’t, so I tip my hat to you. Undoubtedly you consider yourself good at video games, so here’s a game to test your fingertips: Cloudberry Kingdom, the most punishing platformer I have ever seen. Ever.

Power Studios, the developers of the game, recently launched a Kickstarter project looking for $20,000 to hire a full time artist and animator to bring more polish to the title. I must admit the trailer did seem a little rough in terms of graphics. The Kickstarter campaign also allows people to pledge $15 to snag a copy on Steam in September, and get access to the beta (though the challenges are so hard I’m not sure where the line is between frustration and broken). The beta access will be early, suggesting it’ll also be available to the wider public.

Other donations get the soundtrack and allow people to attend the launch party, and even get some goodies related to the game (which I’d like see more Kickstarter games do). The developer’s blog states the September Steam release date and target for Wii U in December.

Wii U coup

It’s a coup for the Wii U, which is aiming to offer greater third-party support. It’s these kind of indie gems that have allowed Xbox Live Arcade to be so successful: Minecraft for Xbox Live Arcade broke the record for digital sales, only two weeks after Trial Evolution set the record. I bet there are players who just buy Xbox Live Arcade titles, because they’re that good.
As far as the trailer goes … well, watch it yourself for the complete experience. An awesome feature is dynamic difficulty: the game changes depending on how much you suck.

Published: Friday, May 11th, 2012 Last Modified: May 11, 2012

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