Halo Reach Special Editions Revealed

Halo Reach Special Edition Microsoft’s famous shooter Halo will get 3 different editions: The standard edition for $60, the limited edition for $80 and the legendary edition for $150. If you thought the Starcraft 2 special edition was large, think again, the two special editions of Halo Reach include a lot of goodies.

The limited special edition will be shipped in a Black Box case including an Elite armor and Artefact bag with some special documents and the journal of Dr. Catherine Halsey (Spartan program) inside.

The legendary edition ships with a Spartan armor and the Elite armor, as well as a hand-painted Noble Team statue.

Halo Reach Special Edition Black Box

Halo Reach Special Edition Black Box


Published: Monday, April 26th, 2010 Last Modified: April 26, 2010

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