Halo 4’s Abandon Map Looks A Lot Like Backwash From Halo 2, Meaning It Looks Awesome

Halo 4 Abandon Map 150Pxp2 As Halo 4’s early November launch is approaching so quickly it’s almost scary, IGN is discussing the game’s ten maps with developers 343 Industries, including Abandon

New maps from Halo 4 kick off with Abandon, an asymmetrical map that looks the perfect for Flood

Ten maps are in Halo 4, and IGN is walking through them with developers 343 Industries. The first video walks through Abandon, an asymmetrical map set at an abandoned research facility.

The map basically revolves around a center structure with three rings making up levels of the structure. Either side of this ring are walkways leading around the maps; in front of the rings is a platform, a gap, and then another platform. Continue down this platform and it leads to a cliff edge, a spawn for one team. Abandon looks similar to Jungle from Call of Duty: Black Ops with the spawn having multiple readings and leading upwards. On the opposite side of the map is a higher spawn, looking down.

Halo 4 Abandon Map

The map was described as designed for four-versus-four team modes and Capture the Flag. It doesn’t seem like a competitive maps, i.e. featured in MLG playlists, but does aesthetically suit Flood. The muddy terrain, purple trees, and dark lighting creates a sense of mysterious and eerie emptiness.

Maps For Custom Gametypes

Abandon is an abandoned research facility; windows into research reveals creatures native to Abandon under testing. The creatures are unconfirmed, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they tied into the campaign. It also doesn’t seem to be set on Requiem, the Forerunner world Master Chief and Cortana discover in Halo 4’s campaign.

Halo 4’s developers have previously spoken about building maps for gamemodes. In other words, it won’t fit maps into multiple gamemodes for which they’re not designed. That was a problem in Halo: Reach: maps were taken from campaign environments, and user created Forge enviroments were put into the multiplayer. Though if 343 Industries balances the armor abilities in Halo 4, maps will play better.

Halo 4 launches November 6 on Xbox 360.

Published: Saturday, October 6th, 2012 Last Modified: October 6, 2012

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