Halo 4 Soundtrack Composer: Massive Attack Producer and Inception Orchestrator Gets The Job

Halo 4 Soundtrack Composer

Neil Davidge confirmed as composer for Halo 4 soundtrack. Another epic soundtrack?

Halo 4 looks towards a darker, more atmospheric soundtrack with a new composer

Martin “Marty” O’Donnell – who composed soundtracks for all Bungie-developed Halo titles – won’t be returning for Halo 4. Instead, 343 Industries are bringing in a new composer: Neil Davidge.

Davidge is most notably known for being a producer in the trip hop group Massive Attack, where he worked on critically acclaimed albums such as Mezzanine. He has also been involved with movies such as Game of Thrones. Matt Dunkley is the Orchestrator and Conductor, bringing experience from blockbuster films such as Inception and The Dark Knight.

“It’s not a revolution, it’s an evolution,” Davidge says in the reveal video. And thinking about that, it’s pretty interesting. For so long we’ve had Marty’s work throughout Halo games (bar Halo Wars), that the music has become synonymous with the games. Though if we think about Halo 4, it’s a game where Master Chief lands on a planet he doesn’t know anything about fighting an enemy he he’s never met. For that reason I think a more mysterious soundtrack is needed, which builds an atmosphere around Master Chief and the player. That’s not to say Marty couldn’t have done it, but he used orchestral themes only. Personally, I think a slight sci-fi feel is needed.


Davidge is keen to express his passion for Halo in the video. Like all of us, he’s been playing Halo since 2001. While that’s pretty much a given for most Halo fans, it’s important because he knows the story of Halo and Master Chief as a character and what’s he’s been through. For the first time, Chief isn’t on Earth and he isn’t known by everyone. Even the Covenant aren’t the main enemy this time.

Davidge is intimidated by Marty’s scores, but thinks he can bring something different to the series. His team says he has an “instinctive knack” for knowing what sounds right, while Dunkley stresses that the team want the integrity of the music to be as high as the integrity of the design of the game.

Darrell Alexander, Chief Executive of Cool Music Ltd, says the team are very aware and keen to respect Halo’s music.

Halo 4 releases Holiday 2012

Published: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 Last Modified: October 21, 2013

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