Halo 4 Multiplayer Mode “Spartan Ops”: Frequent Episodes Unveil The Story Of UNSC Infinity

Halo 4 Worldwide Details Released

Instant respawns, perks and loadouts sounds all too familiar. A new multiplayer mode called Spartan Ops will have episodic content unveiling the story of UNSC Infinity

Whether you’re looking forward to Halo 4 or not, it’s set to be huge today as E3 begins

Halo has been the antithesis to Call of Duty: slower paced, more skill-based and a smaller weapon sandbox. With Halo 4, we’re seeing a blurring of the line on approaches as perks and instant respawns and super fast movement is introduced.

In an interview with UK newspaper The Guardian, 343’s Franchise Development Director – Frank O’Connor – revealed new information on the regularity of Spartan Ops and its approach to new mechanics in Halo 4.

O’Connor said the team decided to put all online modes under the War Games title because it wanted to tie everything together, rather than providing individual modes.

When talking about Spartan Ops, it was revealed that episodic content could potentially run for years. That’s dependant on the first season, which has a finalised structure, is received positively.

It was also confirmed the first season is to be free, regardless of the game edition bought. We don’t know pricing for additional seasons, and whether there will be a season pass for those seasons, but O’Connor did say the team is taking a big expense. So perhaps all seasons will be free, even though I’d pay for content equivalent to a campaign.

Managing Criticism

O’Connor added the content has been that difficult to make on a technical level because the company works closely with Microsoft; rather, the difficulty has been on the narrative side. With the great writers 343 has on board, and the focus on story, I’m expecting great things from the developers.

The Guardian asked the million-dollar questions: how is 343 managing the reaction to the similarities between Halo 4 and Call of Duty. O’Connor said putting out the same game would be bad business (though it hasn’t been for Call of Duty, ironically).

He added that if the mechanics are balanced and fun, and work within the Halo formula, then all player will find out what they like and adapt. Whether that means a dedicated Classic Halo playlist, like in Halo: Reach, is not known. To a degree it sounds like the devs are admitting they are copying Call of Duty, and it’s a case of dealing with it.

Published: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 Last Modified: June 5, 2012

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