Halo 4 Limited Edition Console: Sounds, Controllers And Price Detailed

Limited Halo 4 Console Xbox

Since Microsoft’s press shorts put a light filter on the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console, more shots of the console and comments on the inspiration for the design have been revealed. And it looks awesome.

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Still undecided on the Limited Edition Halo 4 console? Here’s why it looks, and is, awesome

When Microsoft and 343 Industries, developer on Halo 4, revealed the game’s Limited Edition console there was a mixed reception. It looked a solid blue, with lines everywhere, but the translucency detailed by 343 Industries shows how fantastic the console looks.
Limited Console With Headset And 320Gb Hard Drive

Industries said the desire for the console was to create a Forerunner-themed Xbox 360 console that’s different to current Limited Edition consoles – the Halo: Reach version is very sleek, if a little bland – hence the translucency. It seemed Industries wanted to create something unique, referencing the unknown threat in Halo 4.


Master Chief lands on an undiscovered planet, called Requiem, in Halo 4. He faces a new enemy, speculated to be linked to the Forerunners, creators of the Halo rings.

It tried to create 3D elements on the console, but it affected performance ultimately. Still nothing to rival the Pikachu Nintendo 64 then. It probably would have looked ugly anyway; what could have been on the side? A protruding Master Chief helmet, or a Didact symbol?

Console Forerunner Themed

Industries revealed the look the console was developed by art director Kenneth Scott, and the console feels alive in a way previous Forerunner structures haven’t. There is also two separate controller designs: a matching Forerunner themed controller, and UNSC controllers. The latter ties in with the UNSC Infinity, the ship tying Halo 4’s modes together, and the resurgent humans after the Covenant-Human war.

Limited Halo 4 Edition Xbox Gamepad

The sounds, also Forerunner influenced with the sound of Prometheans, were difficult to find for two reasons: the power on-off sounds only support a single sound, and 343 Industries needed to find something that worked at low volume and with the limited range of the internal speaker.

The Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console launches November 6, alongside Halo 4. The console retailers for $399.99 in the U.S., while the UNSC controller retails for $59.99. Hit the source link for range of photos showing the console from multiple, awesome angles.

Published: Saturday, July 28th, 2012 Last Modified: July 28, 2012

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