Halo 4: Impressions From E3’s Show Floor – Part 1

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With the campaign demo done, how does Halo 4 actually play?

Halo fans from the E3 show floor have posted their impressions on the next mainline entry

If you’re not at E3, it’s pretty difficult to get to know how Halo 4 actually plays. The campaign demo was pretty scripted, and intentionally so so the developers could show specific content, but impressions from fans on the show floor revealed how the game is coming along.

The mode being shown off is Infinity Slayer, which is a twist on the regular 4 vs 4 Team Slayer mode as first-to-50 kills are exchanged for points. The fan said he played on a Forerunner map called Haven, and pointed out that the weapons sounds are beyond any previous Halo game. If you listened to the campaign demo, you would have heard how the weapons actually sound like real weapons.

Reliable Mechanics

Grenades have also been tweaked, now following more of an arc rather and having a very predictable bounce. Not only were grenades powerful in Halo: Reach, but they also could bounce and fly into my face and blow me up. Usually I would just have my shields depleted, so the grenade wasn’t a get-out-of-jail mechanic and instead a suppression tool.

On the Battle Rifle, it now has kickback (simulating recoil) and takes down enemies in four-five shots. In Halo 2, the BR took down enemies in four shots to the head if you landed every shot. Hopefully the inclusion of hitscan, and not having to lead bullets, in Halo 4 means we can reliably get four-shot kills. Halo 3 was inconsistent because bullets had to be led, which becomes frustrating when the BR is a burst weapon.

The big draw on Infinity Slayer is the Ordnance Drops feature, which allows weapons/power ups to be summoned. It basically works by getting kills, and possibly other points such as assists, which fill a meter and allow players to call in the Drop. You can then choose from a weapon, grenade or power up by choosing the corresponding direction on the D-Pad. For example, the player could choose from a the Grenade Pistol, Plasma Grenade or an unnamed power up (which could be unlimited Sprint, or increase damaged). The pistol fires grenades, which are remotely detonated.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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