Halo 4 Devs Take A Q&A Sessions With The Fans

Halo 4 Q And A Session

A Halo 4 Q&A session answered lots of questions about instant respawns, ordnance drops and gamemodes.

In many eyes, Halo 4 was the game of the show of E3 2012. Post-event, the devs are still taking questions from fans

343 Industries, the developers of Halo 4, revealed plenty of changes to the established formula at E3 2012 – which some professional Halo players didn’t like – and the devs have been great in establishing connections with fans. Two multiplayer designers recently did a Q&A session with those fans, and here’s what they said.

The biggest concern among fans, I think, is Ordnance Drops. These are replacing the traditional spawn system from past Halos, but it was revealed that the initial weapon drops when the game starts will be tailored towards the map and gametype. If the mode and map aren’t changed, those spawns will remain consistent.

In addition, post-initial spawn, there are Global Ordnance Drops. These are preset random locations, so the weapons don’t spawn in one place, but are predictable. The weapon spawning is also random within reason as, again, they’re planned. The spawn time is random, which seems a bit strange to me because it’s just going to be a mad rush for weapons. In previous Halo games, the weapons spawned around every 3 minutes. That meant I could make my way towards weapon spawns as the timer decreased, now everyone will be rushing at the same time regardless of skill level.

Killstreaks, Medals

There’s then another layer: Personal Ordnance Drops. These are gametype-specific, and were shown in the point-based Infinity Slayer, and are killstreaks. This wasn’t confirmed by the devs, but I think you get the first Drop for five kills. Afterwards they get harder to earn as the threshold is increased.

The class of item isn’t randomised, close quarter or long range weapons for example, but the item is. Weapons will be tailored towards a gametype, so the Sniper Rifle won’t appear on a small map.

There were also questions over how the instant respawns will affect medals like Extermination, which is gained by killing all the opposing team before they spawn. It’s in, but harder to earn, and has been modified so it can be earned within a fixed period of the team spawning.

Release Date + Video

Halo 4 releases November 6 on the Xbox 360.

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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