Halo 4 And Halo: Combat Evolved HD Coming

Halo 4 is on its way. A remastered Halo Combat Evolved in full HD is coming as well

Halo Combat Evolved HD Anniversary

Microsoft accidentally leaked the news about Halo Combat Evolved HD and Halo 4 before the E3 on their own website:
XBOX 4 And Halo Combat Evolved HD

We’re expecting that Halo Combat Evolved HD will be released later this year, right in time for the holiday season or possibly in early 2012.

Halo 4 obviously will take a bit longer and you can expect that it won’t be released for quite some time. Bungie is no longer developing the Halo games. Does that mean you are more sceptical about Halo 4 or could this be a way for Halo to evolve into something new?

Published: Monday, June 6th, 2011 Last Modified: June 6, 2011

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