Half-Life 3 Silence Is The Right Policy (Even If We’re Frustrated)

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id Software’s Creative Director Tim Willits admitted in an interview with Penny Arcade developers have silence on releases is the wise choice, citing Half-Life 3 and Valve as an example. We may hate Valve for being so secretive on release, but there seems only bad news to come out of showing off a game early in development.

Fans hate developers being quiet on release, but it’s for the best

A release I’m excited for this year is Halo 4, and developers 343 Industries have remained pretty quiet on information (especially the campaign, outside of its E3 demo this year). Valve is taking the same approach with Half-Life 3, assuming it’s in development, and id Software regrets not taking the same approach with RAGE.

Tim Willits, creative director at id Software, said in an interview with Penny Arcade RAGE was shown too early. Therefore, there will be a quieter approach to media releases on in-development tiles in the future.

RAGE received mixed reviews during its releases, with the open world feeling oddly constrained. And just a bit dull, despite looking great graphically.

Willits said transition to working with publishers including EA and Bethesda, versus not having a publisher, is games can be shown too early. Of course Valve publishes its own games. Willits mentioned the vehicle combat: he worried it wouldn’t be understood, and therefore talked about it. The consequence was the public perception was negative, because of the feature being in development.

Apparently Valve Is Developing Half-Life 3, Which Is News To Me

Willits said everyone knows Valve is working on Half-Life 3 – are they? – so it’s fine the studio is being quiet on development. Half-Life 3/Episode 3 probably is in development; I’m sure Valve is aware of the pressure from the community.

Software is developing Doom 4, but hasn’t shown any of the game. Willits said, generally speaking, it will show games when ready. Willits also mentioned Bethesda’s 10-month no-news period from announcement to release, describes as the perfect model.

Honestly, I want to find out as little as possible about a game I’m anticipating. Especially for the next major entry in a franchise, whether it be Doom 4 or Halo 4. Or Half-Life 3, if it’s in development.

Stay tuned for news on Half-Life 3 when, or if, it’s announced.

Published: Thursday, August 9th, 2012 Last Modified: August 9, 2012

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