Hadoop Based HDInight Service Announced On Monday

For enterprise customers, Microsoft on Monday announced the general availability of the cloud-based distribution of Hadoop. The launch of the cloud-based version of Hadoop for the general enterprise customers will give them the ability to manage large scale data in the cloud.

By giving customers the ways to manage large scale data in the cloud, enterprise customers will be able to save money and reduce long-term IT costs as well. In addition, Windows Server customers looking for Hadoop on Windows Server will have to go another path such as Hortonworks Platform for Windows.

Microsoft Announces Hadoop and Azure Marriage With HDInsight

Windows Azure HDInisight

For enterprise customers looking for Apache Hadoop mixed with Windows Azure, the Windows Azure HDInisight is the product that they have been searching for. It includes full compatibility with Apache Hadoop. In addition to the compatibility with Apache Hadoop, it integrates perfectly with the Microsoft products like Excel, PowerBI, and SQL Server for the enterprise masses.

By giving customers the ability to access the data in the cloud, users can generate clusters of data whenever needed and then save by closing them down later. Now, enterprise customers can save big money on server costs by utilizing the Azure cloud services for their one off and particular projects for internal and external customers.

Manage Large Data In The Cloud With Microsoft HD Azure HDInsight

Hortonworks Data Platform Project

For those customers looking to install Hadoop on their Windows Servers, Microsoft on Monday gave them an additional option to choose from. Those enterprise customers can choose the HDP way and they can install Hadoop on their Windows servers within their own server rooms or data centers, depending on the size of the overall project.

Enterprise customers within Microsoft have already tested this path of migration for their data, and have found great success with it. Updates for the HDP for Windows Server are expected from Microsoft in the upcoming weeks, and HDP 2.0 should be fully integrated within a month from now. A great note for the project is that Microsoft donated 25,000 lines of code to the Apache Hadoop code base as well, as stated from the Microsoft post.

I think enterprise customers who manage large data will be excited with this news. It will give managers ways to save costs and give them new cloud-based ways to manage data too.

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Published: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 Last Modified: October 30, 2013

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