Hacker Target New Generation of Consoles – Change Your Password Now!

The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have only just been released but already they have been the subject of attacks from hackers.

Sony Tell Users to Change Password

According to PlayStation 4 and Vita users a bulk email has been doing the rounds warning all gamers to change their password.

There is of now no reason given for this drastic action but one can only assume the system has been the subject of another attack similar to the one they endured in 2011 when millions of passwords were exposed.


Gamers will be rightfully worried of a similar scenarios happening and it represents a big problem for Sony with the recent release of the PlayStation 4 and poses questions on how secure their ecosystem is that something like this can occur twice in two years.

In April 2011, Sony reported that 77 million accounts had been stolen from their PlayStation Network which was the largest theft of identity data at the time.

Xbox One Also Hacked

The Xbox One was also released only very recently. It has been a relatively smooth launch for Microsoft with the system selling over 1 million consoles despite only being initially released in 13 countries so far.

Xbox One Hacked

It was clear that Microsoft feared Piracy for this generation and was heavily citizen for some of its early planned policies.

They were right to be worried- it appears the Xbox One NAND has been dumped!

Xbox One NAND Dumped

The only surprising thing about Hackers managing to dump the NAND data of the Xbox One is how fast they have done it – it has been barely a week.

Xbox One NAND Dumped

The NAND is 4.9GB in size and was dumped using a SD card reader.

This development means that Xbox One may not be far from being hacked and the ability to run homebrew on the system could be just around the corner – after all if the hackers got this far after a week…

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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