Guild Wars 2 Sells 1 Million Copies And Logs 400,000 Concurrent Players Before Official Day Of Release

Guild Wars 2 Launch Numbers Players_thumb3The hype for ArenaNet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is, for now, justified. The developed revealed the game sold 1 million copies before the official day of launch, August 29, and clocked 400,000 concurrent users.

ArenaNet needs to work hard and fast if it is to capitalize on Guild Wars 2’s momentum, though a good start is always important

I like Guild Wars 2. You might like Guild Wars 2. And so does the public: ArenaNet, developers of the MMORPG, revealed 1 million copies of the game were sold before the game launched yesterday. 400,000 users also players the game concurrently, so it’s exciting news for the MMORPG select quarters want to fail.

Publisher NCSoft revealed that over a million players played the game during the three-day Headstart weekend from last Saturday until Monday. Strangely NCSoft didn’t count the orders for the one-day access, so it’s actually going to be greater.

It’ll be interesting to see how the game performs this week as the wider audience picks up the game and, hopefully, recommends it. There’s a definite good word of mouth floating around, and for casual MMOG players Guild Wars 2 is an ideal start for the genre. And end, because it’s more fun than any non-ArenaNet MMOG I’ve ever played (World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, The Lord of the Rings Online, and even a tiny bit of Everquest).

Setting A Precedent

The publishes also revealed that 400,000 players logged into the game concurrently, apparently a record-setting figure for an MMORPG pre-launch. Blizzard’s World of Wacraft has reached 800,000 users concurrently during its eight-year run. The latter was with the Burning Crusade expansion pack in mainland China.

There’s always skepticism around the popularity of an MMORPG. Star Wars: The Old Republic is going free-to-play after losing subscribers three months after its launch. Though that is because of the game running too close to the World of Wacraft formulae. Developers ArenaNet have gone out and, regardless of your thoughts on the game, create a different experience. It removes the fluff, grind, ongoing cost, and creates an accessible MMORPG. The fact you don’t need to work with other players, and run into them spontaneously, puts Guild Wars 2 between a single-player RPG and a massively multiplayer counterpart.

Published: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Last Modified: August 29, 2012

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