ArenaNet’s Message Is Simple: Don’t Use The Same Password (And E-mail)

Guild Wars 2 Security Tips_thumb4ArenaNet’s Message Is Simple: Don’t Use The Same Password (And E-mail)

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet’s president and co-founder Mike O’Brien is advising users to play Guild Wars 2 with unique passwords. Hackers are routinely going through sites and scanning passwords that match Guild Wars 2 accounts, O’Brien said in a larger interview with Polygon, as the game’s immediate popularity works against the MMOG.

Don’t think you won’t get hacked, because ArenaNet is firmly warning users to register to its MMOG with unique passwords

Guild Wars 2 Security Tips

If you’re playing Guild Wars 2 then we have one piece of advice: use a unique password. ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien already stated the advice in a Guild Wars 2 blog post, though spoke more widely on the security issues the development team is facing in an interview with Polygon.

O’Brien said, along with a unique password, to use a unique e-mail address. ArenaNet is also now offering e-mail authentication: when your account logs in, an e-mail will be sent asking to confirm or reject the location. It’s an approximation of the location, so it may not be completely accurate, though getting an e-mail immediately after you sign in is a sign you’re the person to verify. Along with the big message saying an authentication e-mail is sent that prevents you form logging in.

O’Brien revealed hackers are currently busy exploiting users due to the game’s immediate popularity following the August 28 official release. However, O’Brien is confident the game will see less hacking over the long run due to better technology and the company focusing on hacking at its root. Basically, the company is being proactive and not reactive.

He added the hacking is usually done via real-world money; hackers steal gold and then sell it for cash. Guild Wars 2 allows player to buy gold in-game and the in-game currency cannot be converted to real-world money. I assume Polygon is referring to Gems, a new in-game currency in Guild Wars 2 that can be used in the Trading Post and exchanged for gold (and vice versa).

Game Masters (GMs) are available to players if a hack occurs. Contact ArenaNet support as quickly as possible and change your e-mail address and password. Don’t make the mistake of using a personal e-mail address that is used for personal information

Guild Wars 2 is available now on PC.

Published: Saturday, September 8th, 2012 Last Modified: September 8, 2012

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