Guild Wars 2 Releases August 28: We’re Terribly Excited

Guild Wars 2 Release August Guild Wars, the MMOG developed by ArenaNet, has been confirmed to be releasing August 28, 2012. The date is earlier than expected, but doesn’t make us any less excited.

If you’ve been playing Guild Wars beta weekends events like me, brace yourself: Guild Wars 2 releases August 28

The announcement was made just moments ago, accompanied by an ArenaNet blog post. The August 28 date is earlier than expected; many fans expected a release date around November, or around July to release before the World of Warcraft World of Pandaria expansion pack.

Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet, made the post revealing the date. ArenaNet had always said the game would release during 2012 – the Year of the Dragon, as O’Brien pointed out – and that beta weekends would determine the release date. The August 28 release date suggested ArenaNet was pretty happy with the results. That’s the reaction from most players, who were calling for it to release now. It was very, very polished.

Guild Wars 2 development began way back in 2007 – five years ago – before the company revealed its manifesto video in 2010 that outlined the team’s goals: namely, a living and breathing online world. And that’s what Guild Wars 2 feels like: Dynamic Event revitalize the traditional quest as dozens are players can join together (and more) and the Personal Story is actually interesting with the mini-cutscenes sprinkled throughout. It’s a fun game, basically, and that’s something most MMOGs don’t deliver. Fun.

Asura, Sylvari Access?

The final two months of development will be spent balancing and polishing the game – probably around the Assassin, which seems a tad overpowered – and one, final beta weekend: July 20-22, 2012. Perhaps we’ll see the Asura and Sylvari races, as a brief tease ahead of August.

It’s an incredibly exciting moment for fans who have been following the game all the way from 2007, especially those who played Guild Wars 1. We’ve spoken before about how MMOG are boring, and how Guild Wars 2 manages to feel like a fresh take on the genre, even if the core underlying mechanics of an MMORPG – using a skill bar, casting spells, configuring a class – remains.

Here’s hoping it’ll be the great alternative to World of Warcraft we’ve always wanted.

Published: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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