Guild Wars 2 Preview: Smooth Performance, Warrior Class Changes

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The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is long gone, and developer ArenaNet is running regular stress tests to probably ensure servers don’t blow up at launch. So we thought it would be interesting to cover the stress tests, and what ArenaNet is testing.

Excited for Guild Wars 2? ArenaNet is making sure you’re continually teased by doing an hour-long stress test

Yesterday, Sunday, August 12, 2012, ArenaNet ran the latest stress test for Guild Wars 2. Probably to make sure the game runs well with concentrated amounts of players, but there are changes across the game taking place, so what’s new this time around?

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I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 on maximum settings, and performance has been super smooth despite the game being unoptimized (it didn’t use the CPU). However, yesterday’s beta event seemed incredibly smooth. By default the game is at the mid-low graphics setting; switching to maximum performance made the game look much clearer than it had done before, and performance seemed smoother than previously. I’m actually blown away by Guild Wars 2’s polish, considering the game’s horrible performance in beta weekend one.

Personally speaking, I played a Human Warrior this time around. I’ve steadfastly not played Human or Warrior because I see the race and class as the most unoriginal aspects of Guild Wars 2, and the most boring. Still, the character creator for humans is robust and there’s the option to customize faces. The preset options are good though, so you’re welcome to choose a face and make a few tweaks.


Warrior has seen changes since Guild Wars, the class I played mainly in that game. For starters, the first attack combines a very common skill combination from Guild Wars: Gash and Sever Artery (if you’re wielding a sword). This basically allows players to inflict bleeding, earned by building adrenaline through hitting enemies. The attack you start with can continually be pressed for secondary and third attacks.

Divinity Reach is the starting zone for human players, and you’ll be fighting Centaurs as they attempt to break into Reach. You’ll then fight a giant pair of elemental hands, before being knocked out and taken back to Divinity’s Reach by Lieutenant Thackery.

Overall, I was surprised by the human race and Warrior. An excellent starting point for new players.

Published: Monday, August 13th, 2012 Last Modified: August 13, 2012

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