Guild Wars 2 Is Live for One Day Only, Next Beta Weekend on Horizon?

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test

A Guild Wars 2 stress test is running for seven hours, so be ready to jump in.

Assuming you can actually get in, ArenaNet is running a Guild Wars 2 stress test this Monday

After the first beta weekend ended, most Guild Wars 2 players were effectively in a state of cold turkey. The beat was that good, especially for a MMO which is typically a grind fest. While the weekend period was short, the quick leveling system and approachable gameplay meant players loved it. I’ve honestly never seen such a positive reaction to an MMO.

On the back of that, as we approach two weeks post-beta weekend, ArenaNet has announced that there will be a stress this Monday: May 14. The stress test will run from 11AM to 6PM PDT (-7 GMT). For those in the U.S., that’s not an especially great time as most people will be working or in class.

The test is open only to pre-purchase customers (head to to pre-purchase the game, or check out local retailers). The test is being used to conduct important tests and addresses some issues noticed during the beta, which probably relates to the couple of instances of downtime during the Saturday of the beta.

Participating player just need to play with a new or existing characters which confirms (for now) beta characters aren’t getting deleted. That’s pretty good because I would have been bummed out to be replaying the same content; instead, I can just start where I left off. Of course, the characters are fully expected to be wiped for full release. Players use the same client used for the first beta weekend, so get downloading if you deleted it. It’s around 13GB.

ArenaNet stresses there could be some in-game performance issues, which is the whole point of the stress test. Players can visit the official Guild Wars 2 forums for more information and instructions on how to get started.

Second beta weekend coming soon?

There’s no official announcement on the second weekend beta, but ArenaNet says they’ll happen roughly every month. With the stress test happening next week, it’s entirely possible ArenaNet will announce a beta weekend for the final weekend of May. I doubt the second beta will happen on the same week.

Published: Thursday, May 10th, 2012 Last Modified: May 10, 2012

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