Google Chrome Guild Wars 2 Theme

Guild Wars 2 looks pretty hot so far. If you are a Guild Wars player, here’s the inofficial Guild Wars 2 Chrome theme!
Guild Wars 2 Chrome Theme

Guild Wars 2 is probably one of the most-anticipated MMO’s in 2011. It’s also on our list of the TOP 5 Upcoming MMO’s (click on the link and scroll down to see a really epic trailer, if you have some time, definitely check it out!)

Guild Wars 2 Chrome Theme #1 Preview

Guild Wars 2 Chrome Theme
FREE Download: Download Guild Wars 2 Chrome Theme

This Guild Wars 2 theme is pretty awesome for larger screens. Should you have ANY problems whatsoever, we encourage you to post it below. We can also create a theme for lower resolutions if needed, let us know!

How To Install The Guild Wars 2 Chrome Theme?

Download this theme after entering the CAPTCHA with Chrome. The CRX theme will auto-install. Enjoy :)

If you still have problems installing Google Chrome themes, you may refer to our tutorial How to install Google Chrome themes

Published: Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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