Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Video: Will NCSoft Change The MMO-Genre Forever?

I dare to say that Guild Wars will in fact change the MMO genre – at least if NCSoft is living up to their promises. They realized what the biggest weaknesses of MMO’s are and try to develop a real game changer.

They’re saying they will make a game where your actions will have real consequences. Dynamic events will change the game world based on your success/failure, which is a really cool concept.

By building a world where you see and hear the experiences, Guild Wars 2 will evolve the MMORPG genre by making a game world that feels truly alive. The core of this evolution is our event system, which allows the world to dynamically change based on actions and decisions made by the players. A single player decision can cascade across a zone, changing the direction of a chain of events until they dramatically alter the content played by players in a map. Read the full article about Dynamic events

Other than that they are planning to avoid stupid grinding sessions, which is great news. Hopefully, they will also introduce a PvP-only server with leagues where only skill matters and not how long you have played the game in order to obtain the most powerful accessories, armors and weapons, because that’s also a major obstacle when it comes to MMO’s.

Download the Guild Wars 2 Windows 7 Theme

Published: Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 Last Modified: August 11, 2010

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