Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Finished, Open Beta Starts Soon

Guild Wars 2 has no confirmed release date for 2012 – it will be ‘done when it’s done’. However, last year saw the first Closed Beta begin, with the first Open Beta now in planning.
Guild Wars 2 closed beta open beta

In a lengthy Q&A session on Reddit, a web developer for ArenaNet discussed what exactly went on in the first Closed Beta which was notoriously private until this point:

“We just finished up the first Closed Beta Test in 2011. More will follow, depending on how those go we’ll do a few short open betas.”

The lack of a date was “deliberate, FYI,” at least for release windows, but Tavic did mention the first Closed Beta lasted from December 16 to December 30 2011 – a two week period. Considering the developer mentioned that there would be multiple closed and open betas, and the latter would be “short,” then the iterative design process is likely to actively transfer over to the betas themselves.

Tavic also developed on what feedback was gained from the Closed Beta and where the game itself is in development, after being questioned by Reddit readers:

“Some maps need more polish…As far as I’m aware every feature we want to ship is in the game even if it’s still rudimentary.

We use the traditional definition of beta, the game is effectively feature complete but needs polish and user feedback.”

Guild Wars 2 close to completion point

To add weight to these comments, in an interview with Nevermet Press, writer and game designer at ArenaNet – Angel Leigh McCoy – also hinted that the game was close to complete:

“Planning has begun for Open Beta. It really is like magic when it all starts coming together and you see what an enormous accomplishment you’ve contributed to.”

Guild Wars 2 has been subject of plenty of interest, with the development team aiming to break traditional conventions in the MMORPG genre. Not only is the game free to play – there are no subscription fees – but ArenaNet have done away with previous quest systems and heavily revised how Player versus Player combat works.

Change in game play and strategy

Regarding the quest system, ArenaNet have changed how quests are structured: (talking to a character, completing the action and collecting your reward). Instead, Guild Wars 2 is built around Dynamic Events. Players run into spontaneous situations, from putting out a fire in a burning village to battling to stop a village invasion from happening. Any player involved receives rewards, whether they joined from the beginning of the event or started midway. Enemies numbers also scale up and down, whether the players involved are one or 100.

ArenaNet have also recently talked about World versus World PvP, a long-term ‘battle’ that changes throughout the fortnightly period. The long-term nature of World versus World means that communities have to coordinate when to go into fights together, to ensure regions win, as the events constantly run.

Published: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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