Guild Wars 2: Asura, Sylvari Confirmed for Final Beta Weekend

Asura Guild Wars 2 Race Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet has confirmed the previously-unlocked races of Guild Wars 2 – the Sylvari and Asura – are playable in the final beta weekend, running from July 20-22.

ArenaNet continue to build hype ahead of the August 28 launch for Guild Wars 2, offering us the chance to play the most requested races

If you’ve been reading our previous Guild Wars 2 posts, you’re probably aware that Guild Wars is a very anticipated game (perhaps the most anticipated, depending on how Halo 4 turns out). ArenaNet confirmed yesterday that the tree race, the aylvari, and super intelligent asura are playable in just 10 days.

The races will be playable along with the Human, Norn and Charr. ArenaNet has said the sylvari and asura have been tested internally. As a result there was a feeling we wouldn’t be able to play the races until release, but I guess ArenaNet can’t ignore the fans during the final beta weekend (and when someone has got to level 80 in a weekend, then there’s really nothing else to do with the existing races).

Asura begin in Metrica Province, a jungle area with high-tech labs and scientists. We only got to see Asura briefly in Guild Wars, but they were clearly an intelligent race and not to be underestimated despite their size.

Sylvari, which will definitely have the biggest volume of players, being in the Grove. The Grove is a city built around the Pale Tree, which creates sylvari. The race doesn’t reproduce as a result, and is relatively new to the Guild Wars world. Therefore they have a deep curiosity.

Ready? We Are

The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend begins July 20 and ends July 22. The game releases August 28, though players who pre-purchase will have access to the game three days before from August 25.

It has also been announced Guild Wars 2’s soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule, can be pre-ordered for $30.

The August 28 release date came as something of a shock – ArenaNet was coy on a release date, and there seemed to be improvements in the trait tree and testing of the Sylvari and Asura to be done. The excitement is building every day, and impressions during the early moments will be here. Stay tuned.


Published: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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