Guardian App For Windows 10 Gains Updates

The Guardian app for both the Windows 10 desktop experience and the mobile experience is one of the more popular apps in the world. Its latest updates though have made the app that much better, and includes exciting new updates for sports & Surface users.

The Guardian app is one of those apps that many have installed on their Windows 10 devices, and read it often to check on sports, finance, tech, and more. With the latest updates, the Windows 10 experience improved on the app.

Guardian App On Windows 10 Gains Football Tables & Surface Support

Fixture Sports Support

For soccer and sports fans, this Guardian app update will certainly appeal to them. It now includes football tables for most European leagues, and that will be available under the Football / Tables section of the main menu.

This addition will keep football fans and soccer fans (depending on your preference), very happy. They will be able to see when their team will be playing, see the standings, and see all of the European leagues in one handy area.

Guardian App Gets Inking Support On Windows 10

Surface Update

Surface Book and Surface Pro users of the Guardian app have been able to use it, but haven’t had the full support of the latest Inking process available to Windows 10 users. This has been updated with the Guardian app update on Windows 10.

Now, users get Inking support on the Guardian app on Windows 10, and they can tick cards to automatically save them for later, and then cross them to un-save when they are done. This is a fun experience, and it takes advantage of the Surface Inking process.

If you like the Guardian app, download the latest updates. They are worthy updates, and make this great app that much better.

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Published: Thursday, August 11th, 2016 Last Modified: August 11, 2016

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