GTA V Rumors: Possible World Map Leaked, Details About Different “Universes”

Gta 5 Rumors 2012

Here are some of the latest GTA 5 rumors. A world map leaked, it might use new motion capturing tech and could have different “universes”. More after the break.

While Rockstar is remaining unsurprisingly quiet on GTA V, that isn’t stopping the Internet from uncovering some of its secrets

We have no confirmed release date, or official information, from Rockstar on GTA V. However, that hasn’t stopped the Internet from leaking and digging up information on the title.

The first hints on the tech behind GTA V come from L.A. Noire developer Brendan McNamara, who says that the game won’t be using the facial motion technology that powered L.A. Noire but does hint at a new motion capture system.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Macnamara said Rockstar “needed convincing” about the process earlier in development. Macnamara hints that the process will move away from that used in Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV, perhaps because of new technology.

In terms of when we can expect to see GTA V on our shelves, some European retailers are already making predictions. According to German and Norwegian retailers and, the game could be heading for a 2013 release (which, with Max Payne 3 releasing in May, could be a reality).

GTA V’s world map leaked?

Gta 5 World Map 1

While the trailer showed off some of what can be seen in the world, the world map from the game has apparently surfaced online.

The ‘insider’ has leaked what is apparently a map of Los Santos and its surrounding area. The map shows a similar interface to that seen in GTA IV’s, with some suggesting it could simply be a mod of that map. However, the map does show the golf course seen in the trailer in the top-left corner.

Also, an accompanying image shows an apparent character from the world. This doesn’t look radically different to how GTA IV is presented, and again could simply be a mod. Of course, Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied the legitimacy of the leaks.

On GTA V’s world, though, Rockstar has confirmed that it is not the same as San Andreas. Rockstar said that “universes” of each game are different interpretations, whether in 2D of HD: “We felt brands and radio / back grounds characters would exist in both, but … characters would not.” For example, no GTA III characters could exist in GTA IV.

Published: Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 Last Modified: March 7, 2012

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