GTA V Details Leaked by Ex-Rockstar Employee (Part 2) – New chase and wanted levels

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More Grand Theft Auto V details from ex-employee revealed, wanted levels revamped

Yesterday we reported on some of the information that was received from, as it was claimed, an ex-Rockstar employee who was reported to have known information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V title.

Additional information was that gunfights are now realistic, so shooting out of a car window whilst driving means that aiming will not be as accurate as it was in GTA IV (where you basically aim in a straight line without a problem).

As some may have been expecting, the game is due in 2013 according to the source. The source says six months are needed for the game to be “fully developed.” The source also says Rockstar will buck the trend, and show off at a playable demo at E3.

Police chase and wanted levels have also been reworked. Police now use flash bangs and riot shields rather than just chasing you, and get a four-star wanted level will cause some radios to issue alerts. Police cars will also go after you is the speed limit is being broken. Having high speed crashes also damages health.

There is now an “underworld” which players can contribute to, trough actions such as buying and selling drugs and weapons. Illegal cars can also be sold, which will probably bring an added element to finding hidden cars throughout Los Santos.

The source also provided a breakdown of each wanted level:

One star: police chase players on foot, though there are no sirens or car chases unless you are speeding.

Two stars: police continue to try and arrest players. Police also open fire if a weapon is drawn and use stun guns if no weapon is drawn.

Three stars: first wanted level to feature chases.

Four stars: road traps are introduced, radio stations broadcast warnings and police become more aggressive. Evading police is not the end of the wanted level as they search for player for 24 in-game hours.

Five stars: police shoot to kill, and arrest only if it is “very possible.” Search for 48 in-game hours after evading the police. Some missions also become unavailable temporarily.

Six stars: military is now introduced. Now search for 72 in-game hours afte evasion. “Some missions” now become unavailable.

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2014

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