GTA 5 More Like San Andreas: Details Leaked by Ex-Rockstar Employee (Part 1)

Gta 5 Details And Release Date Rumors
GTA 5 will apparently be more similar to San Andreas than GTA IV. Definitely a good idea!

An ex-Rockstar employee claims to know information about the upcoming GTA title, and says it’ll be releasing May

A massive slew of information has been released on the upcoming GTA title, with the game having distinctly more of a San Andreas vibe versus the more serious GTA IV tone.

The first piece of information leaked by the former employee is that there will only be one protagonist, specifically the older man seen in the trailer (who was looking over the balcony, and seemed to be quite rich). Fan speculation had suggested that there would be two protagonists – the younger, black male character seen running from the police was rumoured to be the returning character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The employee says this is not true.

Second, the employee says multiplayer has been upgraded from GTA IV: both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hold 32 players – 16 vs 16. Bringing over their experience from Read Dead Redemption, Rockstar will also introduce gangs in Grand Theft Auto V. Players will be able to perform tasks such as robberies, gain territory within the city of Los Santos and gang leaders will be able to rank their members. There was no word on the PC version.

Third, the map is approximately five times bigger than GTA IV’s. However, the map is once again separated into three separate areas.

Fourth, planes are now flyable. Players can use jets to old WW2 fighter planes.

Finally, cars and guns are now customizable outside of a paint job. Examples given are attaching a suppressor to a gun, or filling a car up with nitrous oxide.

GTA V map image leaked

Along with this blowout of information, a source close to the upcoming title claimed to have gained images of the in-game map and a character players will be meeting.

The first image showed an image of Los Santos, showing off features such as the golf course. It seemed accurate, though if the rumours reported today – that the map is six times the size of GTA IV’s – then the image would be cast into doubt. Perhaps the image was only a portion of Los Santos, as something that large means players focus on specific areas at a time.

Published: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 Last Modified: March 27, 2012

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