GTA 3 For PlayStation Network – Release Date September 25

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Grand Theft Auto III seems to be getting released on PlayStation 3 this month. That’s according to the game’s biography page on the PlayStation Asia webpage.

Possibly my favorite GTA title, Grand Theft Auto III is arriving on PlayStation Network

I’m wondering whether the trend to release older games will die. We’ve seen plenty late this generation, from the abysmal Silent Hill HD collection to the overhauled Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Grand Theft Auto hasn’t seen a similar collection. Arguably the most influential title in the series, Grand Theft Auto III, is getting a PlayStation 3 release.

Gta 3 For Ps3

On the PlayStation Asia website the date listed is September 25, 2012 — next Tuesday. That aside information is scarce; the game will be a digital download seemingly. A line about access to special feature via the internet suggest bonus content may be included, or Sony is covering itself.

With Grand Theft Auto V likely releasing in 2013, a massive HD collection of the titles for PlayStation Orbis would be enticing. It would serve a great collection over the transition from top-down 2D to third-person behind-the-shoulder 3D gameplay. I was too young to appreciate the transition to 3D with GTA III, though I imagine it was mind-blowing. A similar effect to seeing Halo: Combat Evolved and mouths that moved, and grass that looked real. Then anyway.

Creating A Natural Progression

Amazingly GTA III doesn’t feel dated with its distinct island structure. It’s surprising because The Legend of Zelda traditionally uses distinct dungeons covering distinct environments. The release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword saw criticism against the game, called dated. Grand Theft Auto divides the cities into three island that get nicer and harder. Even though a bridge conveniently locks out sections of the game in the early stages due to an apparent reconstruction it feels natural.

Though that doesn’t mean I want Grand Theft Auto V to use this structure. Like Nintendo did with Skyward Sword, creating a seamless structure across worlds is needed. Granted Skyward Sword clearly had distinct areas, but it’s a needed first step. GTA V needs an open world where the transitions to new areas are seamless. Why can’t I go anywhere immediately?

Published: Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 Last Modified: September 19, 2012

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