Groove Music App Improves On Windows 10

The Groove Music app on Windows 10 has gotten a lot better since the initial launch of the app, and Microsoft has added a lot of features to help it compete with others in this field. The latest changes to the app via the Insider Program make it work a lot better.

Microsoft is always improving the Groove Music App, but Windows Insiders generally see the improvements first. The latest improvements though fixes several known issues, and also added Xbox voice control, which should please Xbox users.

Microsoft Improves Groove Music App For Windows 10

Groove Music App Improvements

With the latest update to the Groove Music App, the UX updates are first noticable, with improvements to the app overall. It lets users navigate the app on the Xbox One console, plus users can select items in the app with a single click.

Other improvements and fixes include sign in reliability improvements, the track titles and album titles have been fixed in the playlists, the navigation pane on the Xbox One console has been resized, and lastly feedback settings have improved.

Xbox One Users Get Improved Groove Music App Integration With Updates

Is Groove For You?

Groove certainly has a lot of competitors in the music streaming space, with Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, and others in the way. This app is built into Windows 10, and is competitively priced, so users can try it with ease.

With it working across all Windows 10 devices, and having millions of songs in the catalog, it lines up with the others. It’s ad free, it features offline listening, and has artist based radio stations like the others too. Maybe, with the Xbox One integration, it can make its way on more systems.

The Microsoft Groove App is a great music app, and it only costs $9.99/month for the premium service. It’s similar to the others, but with its Windows 10 & Xbox One integration, it might just be better than the others.

Published: Friday, October 7th, 2016 Last Modified: October 7, 2016

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