Gothic 4 Release Date, Trailer, Screens & Wallpaper Theme

Gothic 4 ScreenshotsDo you like RPGs like NWN or Morrowind? If so, you probably know Gothic and Risen too. The all-new Gothic 4 will be released this fall. Here’s the first trailer and a cool Gothic 4 wallpaper theme.

The new Gothic 4, developed by Spellbound after Jowood broke up with Piranha Bytes, has a new look and will have a lot more fast-paced action. The new graphics are really amazing, you can still recognize that it’s Gothic but it looks so much better than the old-fashioned Risen.

Box Art

Here’s the current box art (probably WIP)
Gothic 4 Box Art

Gothic 4 Release Date

According to this presentation the goal of Jowood was to publish Gothic 4 in late September 2010:

Gothic 4 Release Date

The release date will definitely be in Fall 2010, but a release in September 2010 hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Gothic 4 Trailer

Gothic 4 Screenshots

Gothic 4 Wallpaper Theme

This Windows 7 themepack contains 2 Gothic 4 Wallpaper:

Windows 7 Gothic 4 Theme
Download Gothic 4 Theme

If you’re on Vista, you can download the Wallpapers here:
Download Gothic 4 Wallpaper 1
Download Gothic 4 Wallpaper 2

Published: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 Last Modified: May 6, 2010

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