Got The Weather Brings Simple Weather Reading To Windows 10

The Windows 10 ecosystem has a number of weather apps already, so finding one that really shines is often tough. Many provide a ton of information, but some just want a simple & easy to use app. For them, Got The Weather is perfect.

The makers of Got The Weather made a Windows 10 app that works on the desktop or mobile, and just simply works, and without a ton of detailed information. It gives you the weather forecast you want and when you want it.

Got The Weather Makes Weather Forecasts Easy On Windows 10


When you open Got The Weather on Windows 10, you get the current forecast, and you can then view the next 24 hour forecast, plus the seven day one as well. This makes it simple to see the weather, and what is coming.

Inside, you get the current and feels like temperature, humidity, rain probability, wind speed, cloud coverage, baroometric pressure, and the high temperature. This gives you all you need, in a summarized forecast which is easy to read.

Discover Easy To Understand Weather Forecasts With Got The Weather

Located Based And Easy To Use

The whole Got The Weather app is based on your current location, you can use that off Wi-Fi, GPS, or off your cellular location. You can enter manual locations as well, and choose different locations if looking to track those forecasts.

Additionally, you have the option for notifications, measurement units, and background images. You don’t get weather maps or radar, but you get just the weather information and forecasts you need, without a ton of over information.

Got The Weather is available today on Windows 10. It’s a perfect weather app for those who just want the weather, and when they want it.

Published: Thursday, July 28th, 2016 Last Modified: July 28, 2016

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