Google Web Store: Apps, Games, Themes

Google has launched a web store filled with free apps, games and themes for Chrome. You can even play games like Runescpe and Serious Sam right in your browser. Yep, all for free, but they also have paid apps.

Google Chrome Web Store

Google’s web store provides a lot of free stuff. I especially like the fact that they teamed up with a lot of developers who provide free games like Serious Sam or Runescape. There are also many free extensions available that can help you to get things done more quickly or just for entertainment purposes like a Jukebox.

Head over to to check out Google’s webstore yourself!

Browser Games: Serious Sam, Runescape & More

For example, after installing the Roozez plugin you can play Serious Sam right from within Chrome

Downloading Serious Sam via Roozz
Roozz Plugin

Play Serious Sam
Serious Sam Chrome Web Store

Extensions & Apps

There are thousands of free extensions that you can use to make Chrome even better!
Popular Chrome Extensions

Paid Apps:
Of course, Google also teamed up with many developers and offers paid apps. Some cheap games like a fully-fledged Solitaire game is available for cheap prices like $1.99

Solitaire Chrome Game Paid

Google Chrome Themes!

One of the best things about Chrome is that you can customize it. The variety of themes is already very large. That’s why we have picked 10 of the best Chrome themes. Make sure to check it out:

10 Best Chrome Themes

The Best 10 Google Chrome Themes

Published: Friday, December 10th, 2010 Last Modified: December 10, 2010

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