Google+ On Windows Phone 7?

Google Plus seems to be on its way to Windows Phone. However, in the lack of an official confirmation from either company, it remains yet another rumor.

HTC Trophy Spotted Sporting Google+

The main clue that we have about this little leak is an image of an HTC 7 Trophy (a Windows Phone 7 device) sporting a recognizable Google+ lettering, which makes it seem like the device is running Google’s latest foray in to social networking.

According to industry news source, Kevin Marshall tweeted this image with the hashtag #wp7. But there’s a problem there of course. Photoshop makes it increasingly easy to fake such photos and with some skill it can be made to look very real indeed. So it is hardly, well, hard evidence.

A peak at Marshall’s blog will tell us that he has been reporting on the platform for approximately one year.

Plausibility Of A Google+ App On Windows Phone 7

There is no reason why Google should not have a Google+ app on Windows Phone 7. It is a social network and for it to succeed and flourish, it has to proliferate through all major mobile platforms.

But since we have no word from either Microsoft or Google, right now it is all part of a industry wide rumor mongering around two emerging platforms.

Google+ will of course tap in to multiple Google services and that includes a lot of things that mobile device excel at, including location based searches, navigation, other location based services like local recommendations. Hence, there are a lot of things that Google+ would be doing better when it is used on a mobile device.

It is already on most modern Android phones and new ones come preinstalled with it. Google seems to be bent on making it integral to the Android experience, which is already, obviously, very Google oriented already.

Published: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 Last Modified: August 4, 2011

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