Google Glass Games Designed To Show Tech

Google Glass is slated to be released in 2014 and five games have been designed to showcase the new tech.

Google Glass Mini Games Launched

Google Glass utilizes optical technology that allows users to navigate a smartphone-like interface. It’s functionality is similar to that of most smartphones, allowing users to place calls, take photos, browse the web, and communicate with friends via social media. Gamers will be happy to know that Google has announced the release of five mini games for Google Glass.


The five mini games are Tennis, Clay Shooter, Shape Splitter, Balance, and Matcher. Each game is designed to showcase a given feature of the technology developed for Google Glass. Let’s jump right in and give you a little taste of what to expect with each game!

Google Glass Tennis

Tennis, as the name implies is a video game based on the real life sport in which two or more individuals hit a little fuzzy green ball back and forth over a net. Well, to be fair, there is a little more to the game of tennis than that. Google Glass tennis appears to be an addictively-fun game. In essence your head is the racket in Google Glass tennis. Motion technology allows you to aim and swing your racket based on the movement of your head. Sore neck aside, this mini game should be highly anticipated by all video gamers with a preference for sporting games.


Google Glass Clay Shooter

Clay Shooter, a video game representation of skeet shooting, uses both motion and voice technology to allow users to blast a little clay pigeon out of the sky. Movement of the head aims the gun sight and once properly lined up with the pigeon, you say “bang” to fire. This game looks a lot of fun!

Google Glass Shape Splitter

Shape Splitter is a game in which players use their hands to chop through items flying in the air (sounds a lot like Fruit Ninja). This game utilizes optical technology to incorporate the motion of your hands into the game itself. This game is great for those looking to play a game that uses actual body movements. You might even get a little exercise while your at it! If you are ready to get your Kung-Fu on, then look out for this game!

Google Glass Balance

Balance, probably the most unique of the five mini games, is a game in which users balance virtual blocks on top of their heads. Have you ever tried to balance a book on top of your head? If so, then you’ll understand the general idea of how to play this game. Players move their head to balance the blocks and prevent them from falling to the ground.


Google Glass Matcher

Matcher is a game in which players remember the location of given cards upon the screen and try to match each like-card to it’s partner. This game uses motion technology to test the memory and concentration abilities of the individual playing. If you enjoy memory and/or card games, this game will give you plenty of reasons to take another “five minute break” to play around with your Google Glasses!

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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