Google Chrome And Metro Combining Soon In Windows 8 Release Preview

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Windows 8 version of super-fast browser available over Dev channel soon.

Google has piped up, confirming the Metro version of Google Chrome will be available sometime soon

The Chrome version of the browser will work in the Metro and desktop side of Windows 8, but the screenshot showed a very similar UI compared to existing versions. The new browser will be available over the Chrome Dev channel to Windows 8 Release Preview users.

Google also confirmed the browser will only working in x86 versions of Windows 8, at least for now it seems, as the Windows RT (or Windows ARM) version of the upcoming OS is Internet Explorer only. The browser will also have to be set as the default, because Microsoft wants the user experience to be consistent and to avoid users being thrown out of programs.

The announcement was made that Google was working on a Metro version on March 12 this year, where it said the browser would be speedy, simple and secure. That’s the reason I love Chrome: it’s a no-frills browser. Using Internet Explorer, it still feels bloated aesthetically.

Basic Windows 8 Functionality, Possible Windows RT Support

Features will includes integrate with the charms bar and snap view – the latter allows context sensitive functions to be used – and the developers will continue to work on improve the UI and touch. It’ll be interesting to see how the user interface developers to be optimized on Metro.

We also know Mozilla is working on a Metro version of Firefox, but it has complained about the restrictions placed on Windows RT and APIs being only for IE. Opera has remained coy, neither denying nor confirming development of a version of its browser.

Even though Google said Chrome for Metro won’t work in Windows RT, The Verge said in theory it’s possible but the browser won’t run in desktop mode. Whether Microsoft is saying Windows RT is IE only, or Google doesn’t want user to user two different browsers, hasn’t been confirmed. I’d prefer to just use Internet Explorer exclusively.

Google echoed its statements made in March by saying the speed, simplicity and security of Chrome will come to Windows 8. The Release Preview is available for download now, ahead of an expected full release during October.

Published: Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Last Modified: June 10, 2012

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