Golden Eye: Source Beta 4.0 in 4 days!

If you have been waiting for the upcoming Golden Eye Source Beta 4.0, the waiting time will be over in 4 days! On February 19th at 5pm U.S EST, you will be able to download Golden Eye: Source Beta 4!

Golden Eye Source Half Life 2

As we previously reported, there will be 3 new interesting gameplay modes: “Capture the key”, “Live and Let Diet” and “Living Daylights”. The Half-Life 2 Source Mod is now gold and in about 2 days the developers will send out the server files to hosts around the world. If you can provide a dedicated server for the beta 4.0 launch, why not help out the team of GE:S? You can get more information here.

Golden Eye: Source 4.0 Screenshots

In the meantime, we have added plenty of new screenshots to our screenshot gallery. Beta 4.0 is simply amazing, but see for yourself:

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Published: Monday, February 15th, 2010 Last Modified: February 15, 2010

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