Golden Eye Source: Beta 4! James Bond Will Return …

If I asked you what your favorite N64 game was, would you answer “Golden Eye”? Well, maybe some other come close (Perfect Dark, Zelda and F-Zero X), but Golden Eye was definitely one of the best.

Golden Eye Source: Complex

James Bond is back in Golden Eye Source! I’m probably not overestimating if I say that this mod is already one of the best Half-Life 2 Mods! Soon they will release Beta 4 of their mod that will introduce 3 new scenarios.

Golden Eye Source Beta 4 Trailer

Watch it .. just watch it! Good stuff. The complex level is pure hotness, brings back a lot of good memories!

Goldeneye: Source Beta 4 Trailer – Watch more Game Trailers

New scenarios: Capture The Key, Living Daylights, and Live and Let Die.

Living Daylights:

It’s a capture the flag mode, but with a few twists.

Twist 1: You can’t use any weapons while carrying the flag, but you can pick up ammo and weapons which will give you “carrying” points (the time you carry the flag will increase and 12 seconds will give you 1 point).

Twist 2: If you get hit a timer will start. If you successfully manage to get away you can earn 1 point.

Twist 3: If you manage it to slap an enemy you get one point, but if he kills you with a slap, he will get the flag AND earn 10 points. Now that sounds like fun .. haha!

Living Daylights: Golden Eye Source

Live and Let Diet:

A very interesting mode is Live and Let Die. Basically, one player will be Baron Samedi (the voodoo witch doctor from the movie “Live and Let Die”) which is invincible with one exception: You can kill him with the Golden Gun. But wait, there’s only one Golden Gun and when the Baron kills you, you’re dead for the full round.

Live and Let Die: Golden Eye Source

Capture the key:

This mode is very similar to other team based capture the flag modes:

Capture the key: Golden Eye Source

Golden Eye Source Beta 4 Screenshots

Looks so amazing and also very close to the original Golden Eye. It’s definitely a difficult task to remake a complete game and fulfill all the expectations players of the old games have. Keep in mind all of this is “WIP” (Work in Progress), but it looks very promising already:

Download Golden Eye Source 3.1

This is NOT 4.0 (it will be released soon), but you can already download 4.0:

Download Golden Eye Source

Published: Saturday, February 6th, 2010 Last Modified: February 6, 2010

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