God of War 4 Release Date for PS3 – 2013

God Of War Ascension Release Date God of War 4 trailer accidentally leaked out, but we have no official release date other than…

Release Date

Approx. release date: Spring 2013

Sony did not announce anything concrete other than 2013. It is expected that God of War 4 will be released in Spring 2013 along with Crysis 3

We’ll keep you posted on the current developments and stay tuned for the latest Game News

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Preorder + Wallpapers

God Of War Ascension Wallpaper 8

Although, no preorder has been announced, the game is available for preorder and you can download many awesome God of War 4 wallpapers from our site!

Published: Friday, April 20th, 2012 Last Modified: April 20, 2012

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