Go Live On Facebook With New Facebook App On Windows 10

The idea of livestreaming has gone from a niche group of people, to almost anyone with a webcam or smartphone. Facebook has gone gangbusters on the livestreaming idea, and integrated Facebook Live into its Windows 10 app for all to try.

Facebook has recently redone all of their Windows 10 apps, including its main app, Messenger, and its mobile Instagram app. But, the introduction of Facebook Live on its desktop app, means anyone can stream from their desktop or tablet on Facebook now.

Start Live Streaming On Facebook With Facebook Live On Windows 10 App

What Is Facebook Live?

With the newest Facebook app, users can start going live to their fans, friends, or family utilizing Facebook live. By choosing your status, and then choosing Facebook Live, you can start going live to anyone or group you desire.

The idea of Facebook live had initially started on the smartphone market only, but Facebook loves Windows 10, and its integration into the app. You can use it for families, friends, business meetings, fan pages, and anything else on Windows 10.

Showcase Your Live Event With Facebook Live Update On Windows 10

Windows 10 Livestreaming

Now that you can use the Windows 10 Facebook app to livestrem on Facebook Live, all you need is a decent connnection to the Internet, and a decent webcam. Most tablets or laptops have them built-in, so that makes it easier to start right away.

By choosing the option to “Go Live”, you can introduce yourself, your talent, your idea, or your business to anyone who wants to join your livestream. Windows 10 now has more than just Skype to allow for livestreaming options for users.

You can download the latest Facebook app on Windows 10 now. Try out Facebook Live, and see what possibilities exist for your livestreaming needs.

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Published: Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 Last Modified: June 1, 2016

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