Giveaway: Warhammer Space Marine, Windows 7 Themes Wrapup

Warhammer Windows 7 Themes_thumb.jpg 1We’re giving away a copy of THQ’s Warhammer: Space Marine + DLC’s, plus a copy of Trine and Portal. Download the free Warhammer wallpaper theme for Windows 7 here

Post Ideas For A New MMO And Win!

Giveaway runs from Monday 13th Feb to Tuesday 29th Feb 2012. We pick Givaway winners via – a site to generate random lists. Please use a valid e-Mail address when you post a comment (will be hidden) or post your Steam username, else we cannot send you the game(s).

a) To win a copy of the mentioned games, post your ideas for a MMO. Pictures can be posted via – we are looking for creatives ideas for a MMO e.g. what game franchise do you think deserves a real MMO? .


b) Visit our main page and bookmark some Windows 7 themes and post your social bookmarking username below.

Latest Windows 7 Themes

Here are some of our latest Windows 7 themes worth downloading with many 1920p wallpapers and stunning backgrounds:

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2012 Last Modified: February 13, 2012

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