Giveaway: Saints Row The Third + Latest Windows 7 TV Themes

Saints Row The Third Giveaway Windows 7 Tv Themes_thumb.jpg 1Want a copy of Saints Row The Third, Renegade Ops or Demolition Inc? Participate in our giveaway and check out the latest Windows 7 TV themes that are now available on our site.

We don’t know about you, but here at we love sandbox games like Skyrim, Saints Row 3, GTA, Minecraft. Obviously, there’s a huge demand for more open world games, so we want to know what is your idea for a cool sandbox game?

Post Ideas For Crazy Sandbox Game

Giveaway runs from March 5th to March 22th 2012. We pick 3 Givaway winners based on the most creative ideas. Make sure to use a valid e-Mail address (will be hidden) and let us know what game you want when you post a comment else we cannot send you the game(s) via Steam.

To win a copy of the mentioned games, post your best ideas below. Pictures can be posted via or any other image hoster 

Latest Windows 7 TV + Game Themes

We are updating our game and TV themes regularly. Here are some of the latest themes.

For the latest themes and news you can visit the following link. We are updating the site daily (weekdays) Windows 7 themes

Game Themes

TV Themes

If you have any neat ideas for Windows 7 themes you are also welcome to submit them. To win the games however we are only looking for new ideas for sandbox games. We are awarding the 3 most creative ideas.


Published: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: March 5, 2012

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