Getting Social With Xbox One Makes YouTubers Richer

Youtube creators have a passion for making Youtube videos on their favorite videogames and console plays. The number of replay videos is growing at a tremendous rate, but Microsoft is giving them more reason to post. In report surfaced, they are paying users to post videos on the Xbox One.

Microsoft is going after video game posters on Youtube with an interesting new contract and way to make additional income. By simply mentioning the Xbox One in the video with a tag “XM1M13”, Youtubers are able to increase their ad revenue, which may make Xbox One videos more likely seen.

Xbox One Promo Gave Gamers More Money To Post Their Videos

The Backstory

As reported across the web on Monday, Microsoft is going after video partners of a large Youtube network and offering them additional revenue for Xbox One videos and mentions. Users are encouraged to mention the Xbox One and the game, but not share anything negative or disparaging about the console in the video.

I think this social method of reaching out to gamers is smart. If you search Youtube you will see thousands of game videos, and Microsoft simply wants to get gamers more interested in posting videos, and doing it with cash. Gamers love to post their latest moves, cheats, and kills on Youtube and this may make Xbox One videos cool.

Youtube Video Makers Earn Chance To Score Big With Xbox One

Why Microsoft Should Worry

All of this sounds good except that in the US, the FTC has guidelines about when people have endorsements in videos. A blogger or video creator “should” state that he is getting paid extra for the video creation, but the campaign might have problems. The plan was run in a test period from January 14th to January 16th and may not continue further.

A stealth promo like this from Microsoft gives Youtube viewers the ability to watch Youtube Xbox One videos. Whether or not Microsoft skated the line here with the FTC is questionable but it makes for great videos. I’ve posted a video or two with my Xbox One, but am not part of a network, so I didn’t get or hear of this promo until today. If a gamers made a few more dollars from posting his video, good for them, and good for the Xbox One.

I enjoy gamer videos on Youtube and enjoy the Xbox One. I think Microsoft did a cool test promotion, and who knows, we might see it again soon.

Published: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 Last Modified: January 21, 2014

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