Get Your Halo 5 With Halo App On Windows 10

We have previously talked about the Halo experience coming to Windows 10 devices, and the first being the Halo 5: Forge app. It has now arrived for Windows 10 devices, and it brings the spirit and fun of Halo to your Windows 10 device, just in time for Halo 5.

One can describe the Halo 5: Forge app as an experimental app from Microsoft, and one they are testing players with its release. It brings level editing, share ability, and ways to play the created apps on the Halo 5 game, and the app is free for Halo players to try out.

Halo 5: Forge App Arrives On Windows 10

Halo 5 Forge App Features

The first thing that Halo players with like about the Halo 5: Forge app is its free cost. It makes the app a must download, and let’s users create levels in Halo like never before. It makes the level editing experience an all new thing, and plays of all types can try it out.

Secondly, the ways to share your created levels is simply amazing. Users can share their content across Windows 10 and the Xbox One. The content is shared across both platforms, and gives both console and desktop players of Halo the best gaming experience around.

Halo 5 App Comes To Windows 10 Players Of Halo

Play Anywhere But Optimized For PC

The content you create on the Halo 5:Forge lets users play all the created content on Halo 5: Forge or Halo 5: Guardians. These include the original maps and modes created by 343 Industries, and let’s up to 16 players play in wild custom matches. This makes Halo simply unreal.

But, while it all works across Windows 10 devices, it is best for a Windows 10 PC at first. It has mouse/keyboard support, in both editing and play modes. The app has support for 4K resolution, and has stunning visual textures, and has enhanced controls built for the PC.

Try out the free app on Windows 10 today. If you love Halo, it’s a must download.

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Published: Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 Last Modified: September 14, 2016

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