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Microsoft and lock screens really haven’t been two words that you could put together, and lock screens have primarily been used for the mobile phone market. That is until recently, where Windows 10 has encouraged developers to make them. For Windows 10 Users seeking lock screens, Win Screens has come along.

Win Screens is new on the Windows Store, and its main goal it to give users lock screens on their mobile and desktop devices. It’s a interesting new concept that many might want to try out, and see if they like. It makes the PC a little more personal and keeps security on your systems safe.

Win Screens Brings Lock Screens To Windows 10

Win Screens Features

The first thing that users will notice with Win Screens, are the number of themes that users can use with the Win Screens program. There are a number of built-in themes that are included with the program, and it allows users to go out and seek new themes for their Windows 10 systems.

Widgets are the second thing that many users might like about Win Screens. With Win Screens, you get a number of widgets that cover a number of topics, and they can be placed anywhere on the screen. They also can be resized anywhere on the lock screen for your use and disposal.

Try Out Lock Screens With Windows 10 App Win Screens

Automatic Updates and Easy To Use

People unfamiliar with lock screens might find them a little different, but the good thing is that Win Screens stays updated, and the program automatically updates on its own. This keeps security at its number one concern, and it keeps your system safe at the same time.

An improved User Interface has also been introduced with the Windows 10 version, and the Win Screens app works faster and more fluently than ever before. It’s quicker, has a faster response time, and users in reviews have applauded the Win Screens program on its ease of use.

Win Screens is free and available today. It’s an interesting lock screen program and worth trying out.
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Published: Monday, October 17th, 2016 Last Modified: October 17, 2016

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